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We plan, develop, coordinate and install refractory lining technology for your plant.

Focus on performance: Competence, efficiency, durability, resistance, product life: values that define performance for us. To live up to this standard, we direct our primary focus on the continuous advancement of our refractory linings while at the same time keeping an eye on improving our customers’ production processes as well as the maximum availability of the systems to be lined.

Steuler Refractory Linings is one of the international innovation and market leaders in the field of refractory systems. Our refractory product range includes shaped and unshaped refractory products. Whether it is sealing, chemically and mechanically resistant or light, insulating materials – we are specialized in the design of refractory linings including all necessary materials and complete anchoring systems.

From the development of the materials and their surefire selection, to application engineering consulting services, all the way to delivering complete engineering concepts for all lining details and processes, offering in-house production and professional assembly - you can rely on our decades of experience in the refractory industry.