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Stainless steel lining system

BEKASTEEL – this is our stainless steel lining system for applications with particularly challenging stresses.

BEKASTEEL is often used when combined lining systems reach their limits (sealing system + protective layer of acid resistant tile and brick lining).

The installation of BEKASTEEL is not always depending on one single stress criterion, but also the individual project scenario. Since there are countless constellations possible, here are just 2 examples of projects where BEKASTEEL was the technically and economically optimal choice:

Example 1 - Battery recycling

When recycling batteries, the used batteries are delivered in containers. The containers are emptied by tipping them onto a loading area. Afterwards, the unloaded batteries are picked up by wheel loaders and sent for further storage and processing. In principle, the batteries to be recycled are treated like bulk material.

With BEKASTEEL we have a lining system in this case which meets all essential operating parameters:

  • Slip-resistant due to profiled surface (wet area with traffic)
  • Liquid-proof and chemically resistant (battery acid)
  • Flat, without edges (sliding base for the wheel loader blade)
  • Impact resistant (tipping of the batteries)
  • Abrasion resistant (blade friction)
  • High strength (force application through wheel loader traffic)
  • Conductive

Example 2 - Tank interior cleaning system for tank vehicles for hazardous substances

The transport containers of the vehicles are rinsed out with hot cleaning agent and pressure in a "washing plant" after each transport. Connecting hoses can fall onto the floor. The liquid that accumulates is drained off via the floor into trenches and from there into the special wastewater system. The access areas to the wash hall are lined with a special floor coating to prevent contamination of the substrate by splash and drip loads.

Only with BEKASTEEL all requirements can be fulfilled:

  • High mechanical resistance (truck traffic)
  • Impact resistance (falling hoses of the vehicles)
  • Jointless transition between floor and trenches
  • Sealing wash hall + subsequent surfaces from a single source
  • Jointless integration of connecting lines
  • Chemical resistance (to transport and cleaning media)
  • Thermal resistance (hot cleaning media)

BEKASTEEL - The solution for your project

BEKASTEEL can be used for both new buildings as well as for the renovation of existing surfaces in your plants. With different types of design, we can work out clear time advantages, especially for renovations with BEKASTEEL, since depending on the design variant, the time-consuming preparation (cleaning, reprofiling, etc.) of the substrate can be omitted.

Another plus point: BEKASTEEL S has been granted a national technical approval - this helps with regard to the approval of your project under the german water resources act.

And one more point: Against the background of hygiene requirements, e. g. in the food or pharmaceutical industry, BEKASTEEL is an excellent solution.

We would be happy to consider with you whether BEKASTEEL could be a smart solution for your project. Just contact us.