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Surface protection systems for your industrial plants and surfaces

For the protection of components made of concrete or steel we have the suitable surface protection systems - durable and safe, so that the surfaces in your plants can reliably withstand even the highest stresses for years.

Whether new construction or repair, whether tile linings, coatings, brick linings or rubber linings: we develop effective complete systems that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements.

Rely on our expertise for newly planned plants right from the start. Together we develop the right corrosion protection solution and draw on a broad portfolio of proven materials and innovative system solutions.

We line tanks, floors and walls and protect them permanently against corrosion. We offer rubber linings on your premises or manufacture them in our own production - we operate one of the largest autoclaves in Europe. Our acid-resistant bricks, tile linings, mortars and jointing compounds from our own production defy high chemical and mechanical stresses and guarantee lasting corrosion protection.

In the case of existing damage to existing buildings, the appropriate primer and lining not only provide reliable crack-bridging, but also a renewed appearance. Your exposed surfaces are protected from entering media for many more years without the need for costly construction measures.

From research and development through consulting, design and production to installation and service, Steuler Surface Protection Linings offers complete solutions from a single source. What matters to us is perfect interaction down to the last detail: engineering, materials, know-how and service for a longer service life, value retention and functional reliability of your production facilities and operating areas. Worldwide.