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Refractory anchoring systems

Anchoring bricks

Anchoring of monolithic materials and prefabricated components

Application temperature, operating temperature, the nature of the monolithic lining materials, the wear profile of the unit, very high temperature stress or strong chemical attack, the furnace chamber atmosphere, comprehensive thermodynamic calculations - these are the selection factors for the support structure of suspended ceilings, ceiling boxes and walls.

Steuler anchoring bricks are used for anchoring of monolithic materials and prefabricated components. Holding clamps, hangers or threaded retainers take over the holding function. Steuler supplies the corresponding standard formats and also special designs for the iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, cement industry, chemical industry or hazardous waste incinerators.

  • High holding and load-bearing capacity even at temperatures up to 1,700 °C
  • Good heating properties, volume stability and good resistance to temperature changes
  • Easy installation of anchoring bricks by means of clamps, hangers or retainers attached to the steel structure or exterior wall
  • Corrugated geometry for enhanced bond with monolithic materials
  • The head of the anchoring brick is designed in a way that makes it possible to transmit large holding forces securely
  • Wide range of materials and formats for specific application cases

Steuler produces anchoring bricks in Germany using the plastic and dry pressing processes and can therefore quickly and reliably produce complex geometries.

With our extensive range of materials from 40 % up to 99 % Al2O3 and other special grades such as chromium corundum or zirconium oxide, almost all application conditions are reliably covered. With its own mold construction and CAD support, Steuler also quickly and reliably realizes special customer requirements outside the standard formats and materials.