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High temperature light-weight refractory bricks

Hollow sphere corundum

Insulation materials and light-weight refractory bricks based on hollow sphere corundum are used at extreme temperatures to line kilns in the ceramic industry.

Due to their very good thermal shock resistance properties, they are ideal for building kilns that are operated periodically up to combustion temperatures of up to approx. 1,800 °C, e. g. for sintering high alumina ceramics or also high refractory products.

The materials are usually used as hot face layer in this type of kiln.

Pure hollow sphere corundum materials can also be used to line kilns in which aggressive atmospheric-related corrosion of the brickwork is expected.

Whenever there are halides, for instance fluorine or chlorine, or even a high concentration of hydrogen in the atmosphere, these materials in particular are a good option for durable and resistant lining. They can be used at the front and also as insulation in the rear brickwork. In extreme cases, there is also an almost SiO2-free version of the material available.

Hollow sphere corundum lightweight refractory bricks

  • Combustion temperatures above 1800 °C
  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent hot properties
  • Resistant to chemically aggressive atmosphere

Efficient materials for a higher production security

Our development departments have set themselves the goal of developing and supplying efficient materials for each individual application. The focus is on longer service life and optimum usage conditions for our customers.

The concept that shows the most efficient solution in the cost-benefit analysis is demonstrated in the deliberation of all production parameters and conditions. Because each production and plant concept has its own development potential - and we develop the right material for this.