Production / delivery


Made in Germany

"Made in Germany": Our high quality products and components, including refractory and acid-resistant bricks, rubber linings, resins, cements as well as components and equipment or vessels made of various types of plastic, are manufactured in house at four sites in the Westerwald region (Germany) where our headquarters are located. We fabricate our products using state-of-the-art robots or craft them by hand with meticulous attention to detail, depending on the specifications of the order. 

Our stock of moulds for refractory and acid-resistant bricks alone amounts to several thousand individually handmade items. Our plastic division factory is equally impressive: The 7,000 square meters facility is equipped with the latest technology for producing plastic assemblies and piping systems that find application with discerning customers from a wide variety of industries.

At STEULER-KCH you get everything from a single source - timely on-site delivery, proper storage and precise coordination of the services provided from initial consultation through to acceptance are a matter of course with us.