For the efficient operation of plants, avoiding downtime is one of the most important factors.

New construction and replacement of defective equipment and components, on the other hand, inevitably cost time are detrimental to productivity. With QUICKFIT, Steuler ensures a completely smooth process when installing plant components. We plan, produce and deliver ready-to-connect plant parts or plant components lined with QUICKFIT technology. Worldwide.

Shortest downtimes

Steuler QUICKFIT reduces your downtimes: Because we manufacture in parallel with your ongoing operations and thus avoid unnecessary downtimes in your plants. The installation of the new plant components is later perfectly fitted on-site.

QUICKFIT saves you valuable time in production and processing. This makes your project much more economical. In addition, you also save time and effort in the processing, because we take care of the complete logistics up to the commissioning.

A team of experts for everything

Steuler realizes all manufacturing steps according to your individual requirements: From steel construction with pre-treatment to rubber coating or interior coating with subsequent brick lining as well as exterior painting to safe transport. Everything from a single source, everything coordinated. This also applies to the production of complete components including piping made of thermoplastics, glass fiber-reinforced plastics or stainless steel, as well as to the production of spray nozzles made of thermoplastics, glass fiber-reinforced plastics, stainless steel, titanium or ceramics. Built-in parts made of stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, titanium or cast iron as well as external insulation and heat protection follow the same principle. All with one contact person who takes care of everything for you.

Steuler takes over all coordination and coordinates all requirements and wishes. The result: less downtime, shorter business interruptions. Equipment and components are replaced safely and quickly.

We manufacture the plant components in steel construction

Steuler supplies the complete steel construction for apparatus, containers or fixtures. We already provide support in the design of the construction and components. Always taking into account the transport requirements of the heavy components.

Application of anti-corrosion lining

Each construction is fundamentally prepared for corrosion protection. Steuler cleans and blasts all relevant surfaces. In this way, we achieve perfect adhesion of the immediately following anti-corrosion lining.

The complete prefabrication takes place in our plants. In this way, we reduce downtimes and new construction times for you and maintain your production output.

Fast, flexible and on schedule. On-site installation.

The ready-to-connect plants and components are delivered directly to the construction site. Experienced Steuler professionals specializing in installation and site management control the on-site construction up to the final installation and handover. This is Steuler QUICKFIT. Quality and comfort. The best for you.

Steuler delivers just in time. To your desired location. Around the globe.