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Acid resistant linings

Protection against extreme stresses

Steuler is your experienced partner for linings.

Whether pickling or regeneration plant, vessel, flue gas line or reactor, whether Venturi scrubber, autoclave or absorption tower – we have the expertise in a wide range of applications. In theory and practice. We draw on this when selecting the acid resistant lining system for the process in question and in the specific advice we provide for you.

As a specialist, we naturally also offer very special solutions. To this end, we have exceptional, original technical know-how: for example, for high temperatures, autoclaves or pressure vessels.

Steuler consistently develops and improves its product portfolio. This enables us to serve even the most complex and modern plant technology of our customers. We combine sealing layers, mortars and ceramic materials to create solutions that are just right for your project.

In addition to having access to our extensive range of materials, we can also work out new solutions with our development departments at any time.

  • Sealing layers based on polyurethane, epoxy resin, polyester resin (unsaturated), vinyl ester resin, furan resin; special formulations; rubber linings; thermoplastics
  • Synthetic resin mortars based on furan resin, phenolic resin, polyester resin (unsaturated), vinyl ester resin, various water glass mortars; special formulations
  • Standard bricks, shaped bricks and special formats in various stone qualities (acid resistant ceramics, graphite and carbon stones, refractory materials)

The professional installation of our brickwork is always part of the service. Perfect performance from a single source.

Linings are subject to the highest stresses from individual media or combinations of different media:

Chemical stress

  • Chemical attack by media in liquid, gaseous or solid state

Thermal stress

  • Height of the temperature and different temperature distribution
  • Temperature differences in the individual layers of the lining and to the surroundings
  • Thermal cycling
  • Different coefficients of thermal expansion for lining materials and construction

Mechanical stress

  • Pressure ratios
  • Vibration
  • Abrasion
  • Impact stress
  • Passable by vehicles